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Are you about to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars in computers, networks or equipment, or on any other technological gadgets? If the answer is yes, then hire us to advise you on the differences between technologies

Going to an electronics store and asking the sales representative what is the difference between two electronic devices will only result with a biased answer. The truth is that most sales representatives are instructed to sell the most expensive products or the product with the most manufacturers rebate or profit margin. Some stores don't really care which product you purchase, they only seek to make the most revenue from their customers. At Logix IT Consultant,our Engineers are also our sales people so you are ensured of the best of breed equipment that can do the workload.

Here at Logix IT Consultant, we offer our technology expertise to advice & guide you on purchasing the best equipment. We are not affiliated with any brand, so our advise will be purely un-biased. We will explain the differences between products and even help you find the best deals, so you will also save money